TSC and its family of companies will develop Covid-19
Mitigation Protocols to help you reopen and remain open safely.


Reopening jobsites and businesses will give workers and customers peace of mind.

TSC Onsite MedTech* provides:

COVID-19 Testing: Proactive testing protocols are becoming a best practice on jobsites where interaction between staff cannot be limited.  To get ahead of the curve many industries are developing proactive testing protocols, even in advance of a jobsite breakout.  Our team can work with your company to develop a COVID-19 testing protocol to limit your staff’s level of exposure.  We’ll work with your team to better understand the ongoing level of interaction between staff members and your customers, and recommend a testing protocol to meet your needs.  Contact us at info@onsitemedtech.com  or call 845-381-1026 for more information.

Infrared Thermal Camera Temperature Screening: Install thermal monitoring camera systems to check temperatures and allow a steady flow of high volume foot traffic to enter workplaces.

Temperature Screening: Our medically-trained staff take daily temperatures with non-contact infrared thermometer.

Daily COVID-19 Risk Assessment Surveys: State-required electronic COVID-19 risk assessment questionnaires activated by a QR code.

*Our MedTech staff are medically trained Allied Healthcare Professionals, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), or Certified First Responders.

Total Safety Consulting provides:

COVID-19 Mitigation Protocols: Develop COVID-19 mitigation protocols ensure your business is compliant.

State Mandated COVID-19 Business Re-Opening Safety Plans: Includes communication plans, employee logs, risk assessment surveys, checklists for COVID-19 mitigation practices, and logs to ensure proper cleaning

COVID-19 Safety Monitors: A dedicated person oversees continuous compliance with all aspects of the COVID-19 site safety plan.

COVID-19 Jobsite Remediation & Decontamination: TSC has the expertise to provide effective cleaning and decontamination, verify the results using the latest technology, and provide documentation of the successful decontamination.

TSC Training Academy provides:

State Mandated COVID-19 Awareness Training: Employee mandated virtual/online training, virtual/online toolbox talks and safety orientations.

Safety Supplies Unlimited provides:

Required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Gloves, face coverings (cloth masks, as well as KN95s).

Workplace Signage: Floor signage to reduce the bi-directional foot traffic, signage to provide visual instructions for employees to maintain distance, regularly wash hands, etc.

Sanitizing Supplies: Antibacterial soap, paper towels, hand sanitizers, temporary washing stations.

Handwashing Stations: Temporary sinks for indoor or outdoor use.


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Medically-Trained Staff for your Site

As great as your construction site safety program is, workplace injuries can still occur. If an injury does occur on your jobsite, wouldn’t it give your team peace of mind knowing that an onsite medical provider can provide care to the injured worker immediately? Our team of medically-trained professionals can document the injury, maintain control of the injury, and get your worker back to work!


Speak to a Med Tech Professional

Onsite Medical Facility with Trained Medics

Our Med Tech division is with you on site to assess workplace injuries and guarantee an effective return to work program for injured workers.

Fast Response Time and Faster Return to Work

Our team is medically trained to treat workplace injuries and ensure a fast return to work time, saving sites money by saving time.

OSHA Guidelines and Regulations

Our team of medically-trained professionals follow OSHA guidelines and regulations, keeping your workers on site safe and your site in compliance.

Need for Medical Services on the Construction Site

TSC provides Med Tech services to NYC construction sites. Our TSC Onsite Med Tech division consists of trained medical providers who can treat minor injuries, stabilize the more significant injuries, provide attentive follow-ups to ensure workers have only minimal lost days if the injury is significant enough to warrant time away from work.

Why TSC Med Tech?

  • Every one of our Med Techs is professionally trained and certified to work as an on-site medical provider
  • Our team is focused on providing effective and efficient employee medical care which will help reduce your overall insurance and operating costs.
  • TSC on-site Med Techs will assist you in identifying potentially fraudulent injury claims and keeping compliant with OSHA.
  • Our fully trained medical team is prepared to professionally assist your team and is trained in all aspects of construction jobsite safety with OSHA 10, OSHA 30, NYC DOB scaffold and DOT flagger training certificates.

“There When You Need Us”

Utilizing our medical team has many benefits for site workers, construction team and jobsite overall. Our team will:

  • Provide your jobsite with state certified medical technicians specifically charged with keeping your jobsite healthy and safe.
  • Effectively communicate with injured workers as part of a complete injury follow-up program.
  • Attend your safety meetings and briefings and act in concert with your on-site safety professional to help mitigate risk and injury by consistently walking the site and promptly reporting any site safety concerns to the site team.
  • Provide several health service solutions through our team of medical professionals in conjunction with medical direction by a board certified physician.
  • Assess, effectively manage and treat most on-site emergencies and illnesses, possibly preventing the loss of work for the impacted employee.
  • Save you the costs associated with lost time for the injured and lost time for another employee to assist the injured at an outside medical treatment facility.
  • Complete the post incident administrative documentation and report these incidents as appropriate in an immediate fashion.
  • Help clients develop and implement an effective return to work program that meets the needs of your field team as well as your insurance plan.Utilize numerous accepted industry reporting forms such as the OSHA 300 log, First Report of Injury form and the NYS C-2F.
  • Provide analyses of injury reports to identify injury trends and maintain comprehensive record-keeping of all safety and health issues on-site.
  • Work with your team to develop and implement a comprehensive Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Work Plan to further your goals for an injury free workplace.
  • Provide a site specific emergency medical response plan and maintain a stocked treatment area with first aid supplies and medical equipment, all included in the job setup with no restock fees.


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